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Svenja Op gen Oorth

I love bringing people together and creating real connection. I am introverted and like to communicate. Without mincing words, I get to the point quickly. When I discuss, I do so passionately, relentless to the subject and at the same time always good to person. I feel grounded in nature. I love the mountains, forests and valley. I am fascinated by the sea, which follows its very own rhythm – sometimes low tide, sometimes high tide and in between: It just is.

Living my life in harmony with my own rhythm is very important to me: When do I ride the waves? When do I retreat to my island of calm? And when am I just a being? What helps me get into my flow: I am radically intuitive and practise presence and mindfulness. Because: In the here and now, I grasp situations and people in all their facets.

I feel the connection. Impulses, ideas and images arise in me within seconds. I build bridges and connect what fits together. I create a connection and I am in a good energy. Would you like an example? In an article about durum wheat spaghetti, I find inspiration for a crisp communication concept for digital transformation. Everything is connected to everything else. I feel that.

I describe myself as appreciative, approachable, cheerful and empathetic. Friends appreciate my fine language and my precise way of formulating feelings. I name what is. Without judging. I am clear, creative and love freedom. Freedom to shape my life, to make a difference and to grow.

"Talking problems creates problems, talking solutions creates solutions" - Steve de Shazer

An important coaching sentence and wonderful guiding principle in my life. I am solution-oriented and convinced that if I really want something, I will implement it in this or a similar way. I want to give people this certainty and support them in going their own way. Deep trust, humour and a loving attitude towards myself and the world strengthen me. Love is the energy that connects. Love is honest, sometimes unsparing and uncomfortable.

As a systemic constructivist, I know that there is no objective reality. I create my own world. In the process, I decide: Where do I focus my attention? That is where my energy goes. I am a passionate learner. I want to explore, understand, experience and develop. Knowledge opens up new spaces for me. And dreams: one day you will be able to buy my ingenious and sustainable business clothing – stay tuned!

Long story short

since 2022 Managing Director The Hoffman Agency GmbH

since 2020 Managing Director Hahn & Loewe GmbH

since 2016 I have been training as a systemic coach, team coach and business structure constellation practitioner for the Competence on Top network.

since 2003 Founder and Managing Director of Eloquenza GmbH

  • Advanced training Certified trainer, eTrainer and certified coach by the German Association for Coaching & Training e.V. (dvct)
  • Advanced Business Trainer & Coach | Competence on Top
  • Certified Organisational Developer | Competence on Top
  • MFL®-Practitioner | Mental Coaching with Kurt Zyprian Hörman
  • Creativity Training | CREAFFECTIVE / Florian Rustler
  • Lego Serious Play Facilitator

PR for tech companies

Messaging, communication concepts, campaigns, positioning and storytelling with high-tech expertise.

Executive coaching

Coaching, consulting, training for communication, resilience and change - tailor-made, focused and holistic.

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