Continue writing and believe that you can live just on words, because without them you will die. This sentence came in a flow to me during a workshop on Intuitive Writing. As a communication expert, I know about the power of words. In this blog I will write about everything that comes to my mind and is close to my heart: in short life. My passion for communication, coaching, a systemic and constructivist approach, growth, development, women and diversity inspires and guides me.

Borders Ausblick über eine dichte Schicht aus weißen Wolken. Eine schneebedeckte Bergspitze ragt durch die Wolkendecke hindurch.
14. September 2023


…Above the clouds, freedom must be borderless. No fears, no worries … These lines of a song written by the German musician Reinhard Mey often find their way into my head, and sometimes I wake up

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