Ausblick über eine dichte Schicht aus weißen Wolken. Eine schneebedeckte Bergspitze ragt durch die Wolkendecke hindurch.


…Above the clouds, freedom must be borderless. No fears, no worries …

These lines of a song written by the German musician Reinhard Mey often find their way into my head, and sometimes I wake up in the morning with the song on my lips.

Freedom and borders. Under the clouds then, I guess, freedom must have its limits.
Maybe where the neighbour’s property begins?
Would there be freedom without borders?
Can I understand freedom if I don’t also feel boundaries?

My mind has no borders.
I can imagine everything.
My body though has its limits. My physical life is limited.
So every end just another border?
A border only means that something ends here and something new begins there.

My patience has limits, too. Through breathing I can expand it.
My mind has limits. And I can often expand them too.
My capacity for suffering has limits. And those I like to reduce.
Because I am not here to suffer.

My capacity to be happy, on the other hand – yes, I want to push out the borders there.
I want to experience and feel so much more happiness. Expand my happiness day by day.

Limits, borders, boundaries   – they are rites of passage. Only if I understand boundaries as something rigid, as unchangeable, then they limit me. If I see boundaries as a characteristic of my inner universe of life – which are simply what they are at the moment and thus deserve recognition, they open up new paths for me. Everything in the universe is subject to constant change. The universe is continuously expanding. Boundaries are therefore constantly shifting.

Above all through love. Love can move any boundary. Love connects, makes borders passable, even sometimes removes them. Creates something new, with a new boundary.

Mine – yours – perhaps only an inner boundary in the vast greatness of us?
Without boundaries we are one. With everything.

And maybe then

… what seems so big and important to us, suddenly become insignificant and small?